Nasty Juice – Cush Man (Yellow) (Yummy Fruity Series)

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If you think that there is no need for another mango flavored vape juice, then you may be right. But, if it’s from Nasty Juice, you just can’t say no. In the Yummy Fruity series of Nasty Juice, the most amazing flavor is this Cush Man Yellow, which contains smooth ripe mango flavor. This flavor will pleasure up your mouth and the hidden sweetness will emerge gradually. While exhaling with the goodness of natural mango.

Low mint



E-liquid ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings, nicotine (except zero-nic variants)

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72 reviews for Nasty Juice – Cush Man (Yellow) (Yummy Fruity Series)

  1. Daniel F.

    Nasty was nice enjoyed so enjoy

  2. Mohamed B.

    I just can recommend it

  3. Maya l.

    5 STARTS

  4. Matthieu V.

    Un vrai gout de mangue bien mur

  5. François L.

    Produits de qualité pour prix raisonnable.
    Attention à ne pas passer de trop grossesouvent commandes sous peine d’être bloqué à la douane

  6. Shax45

    Lovely mango . Very smooth flavour.

  7. Johan O.

    Commande recu dans les temps, SAV sérieux et réactif, je recommande VapeVandal

  8. Frederic N.


  9. Luca G.

    another good one from nasty juice! this is a very ripe mango flavour. i prefer fat boy which has a less prominent mango flavour, more like a mango soda, but it’s quite good.

  10. Mohammed a.

    great service, good prices, speedy delivery

  11. Emad B.

    Its the clouds dream come true!!!! Perfect taste and a lot of clouds, tastes greaaat!

  12. Naoki K.

    Very good taste

  13. Matthieu M.

    Pas mal mais pas mon préférer a savoir le slow blow (bleu)

  14. Jason b.

    Best mango juice you can buy smooth amazing

  15. Mai M.

    It deliciously reproduces the rich flavor of mango

  16. Larry H.

    Really good juice…we recommend

  17. Isidore F.

    Une mangue bien mure et sucré. J adore, j en prend a chaque commande.

  18. Yunhe W.

    Lots of sweet taste, juice smells good even before you vape

  19. Pascal B.

  20. Sugimoto R.

    A very strong mango tastes! I will buy it again.

  21. Gregory C.

    juste perfect

  22. Kok n.

    the best mango e – juice i ever try,always will be my first choice.

  23. Alex O.

    Nice flavor

  24. Cedric G.

    Très bon

  25. Keisuke M.

    I feel real mango belong to ripe that.
    One bad point is that this juice make my coils gunky too fast.

  26. Amit K.

    Oh my gosh what a flavour definitely the best I have had!!! So moorish!!!

  27. Ryosuke M.

    It is a mango more than expected. After a tonic working, and having breathed it, a voice becomes comfortable. In addition, I want to purchase it.

  28. Ahutoru T.

    Very good eliquid.i come back next time of course
    Thank you

  29. Danute B.

    I tried Bad blood and Asap grape flavors and loved them, so i decided to purchase this one as my friend recommended it. Sadly this flavor is not for me as it doesn’t seem to be rich in flavor and has somewhat “metallic” taste to it which feels unpleasant. Maybe this juice isn’t meant for me.
    There were no problems with delivery, everything was on time.

  30. Sarwar H.

    Horny Mango definitely one of my favourites! Would recommend

  31. Sohail G.

    The mango taste is unreal and the low mint makes it a very cool smoke

  32. Rehan K.

    Excellent service and juice

  33. Cristian R.

    This is the best vape online Shop for e – liquids . The Nasty Juice Series are the best liquids ever! Thanks for all and the fast shipping to Germany!

  34. Kumi S.

    Always great flavour from Nasty. Highly recommended!

  35. Rajveer S.

    Best mango flavour on the market !!!

  36. Jas

    No mango juice is btr than cush man, 10 starsssss

  37. mohamed

    awesome liquid

  38. Akul S.

    Full of flavour. Definitely recommend

  39. Javed H.

    Cush man by nasty had this b4 jst a fat ejuice cant fault it flaver & clouds for days only wish thay did it in a bigger bottel..

  40. Decker W.

    perfect juice delivred faster

  41. Martynas V.

    Good flavour but doesnt smell that good

  42. ced6145

    très bon liquide arôme bien présent je recommande

  43. Sebastien E.

    Great taste and low prices !!

  44. Yasser A.

    The juice came very quickly, all the juices I purchased were authentic and tasted really good.

  45. Mohammed S.

    Tastes amazing with the X4 coil. Any mango lover will surely love it..

  46. Muminul H.

    Fantastic flavour, i always order it.

  47. Rezwan A.

    Cushman best flavour I have ever had and item arrived in you UK within 9 day

  48. Kawser A.

    Has great taste.

  49. David C.

    Un de mes préférés

  50. David B.

    Great flavour

  51. Kyle S.

    Top 5 fav.

  52. Shada A.

    If you love mangos this is the best juice for you! It’s like inhaling mangos the smell and taste is unbelievable I have no idea how do they manage to make real mangos out of it, the only downside of this product is the container as you must move it to another as the dripper is loose

  53. Bertrand B.

    Very good job

  54. Mr a.

    Cushman is good but it doesn’t taste the same as before , I was in love with it before now it taste standard, maybe because I’ve purchased other flavours which is much better, but I don’t get that freshing mint in my mouth when I smoke cushman anymore. Overall it’s still very nice and just my personal opinion

  55. Brian W.

    Best price on Nasty and got to me from over seas super fast

  56. Simon D.

    Eliquide reçu en 2 semaines. Très bien emballé. Parfait.

  57. Erich A.

    The best collection, the best brands and the price unique.., I love Vape Vandal

  58. Omar H.

    Very good liquid, delivery was on time thanks for your great service

  59. Ercan K.

    Very good

  60. Muhannad F.


  61. Matairani J.

    This e-liquid is the best mango flavor i’ve ever tried. I love Nasty Juice!

  62. Nakayama Y.


  63. Peter M.

    Great liquid, service excellent

  64. Luke M.

    Hands down the best fruit flavour I have tried. Great mango flavour on the inhale, and slightly tropical on the exhale. The sweetness and menthol is spot on.

    After trying one bottle, I quickly ordered six more. It’s that good!

  65. Vincent L.

    Really good mango flavour 😉

  66. Hossam A.

    Nasty makes the best mango juice full stop

  67. Faisal M.

    You can find any juice at vape vandal at great great prices

  68. Black P.

    Super on ressent tous les goûts et super bon à vaper

  69. Nishibayashi S.


  70. Ali Z.

    This is hands down the best manjo ejuice I have ever vaped! Unlike most other popular mango based ejuices, this one actually smells and tastes like the actual fruit! A sniff of this blindfolded and could fool someone to think that this is the real fruit!

  71. Jason L.

    I cant say enough about this flavour! This is my all day every day vape juice!

  72. Diego M.

    Vape vandal = fast shipment
    Helpfull seller
    Best eliquids

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