Fcukin’ Flava – FFX Morning Crunchies

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If you think Fcukin Flava is the best, you haven’t met the X yet. The most sought-after e-liquid for 2018: FFX with 6 flavours crafted to perfection.

Morning Crunchies: A smooth and yummy cereal vape, just like having your favourite rice cereal soaked in milk for breakfast. Sweet, Milky, Creamy, Heaven!


E-liquid ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings, nicotine (except zero-nic variants)

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0mg, 0mg in plain discrete cosmetic bottle, 3mg, 3mg in plain discrete cosmetic bottle, 6mg, 6mg in plain discrete cosmetic bottle

5 reviews for Fcukin’ Flava – FFX Morning Crunchies

  1. Simothé R.

    What to say … already I’m happy to leave the first opinion because I will lie hoping to have all the stock just for me 🙂 do not buy juice is not good! it’s just delicious and perfect !!! TY vape vandal see you soon

  2. RNK

    J’en attendais beaucoup mais finalement du même accabit que les yellow label etc de la marque. Ils sont vraiment pas fait pour les gourmands fcukin flava ^^

  3. Manutea C.

    great taste, great juice!!!

  4. Florent T.

    so nice !

  5. Hanin K.

    Vape vandal provides perfect service as usual. Nothing to say about the company.
    The liquid by Fckin Flava FFX Crunchies is nothing but a copy of Cheescake flavor by the same company. Too much sugar, no taste of cereal but a creamy eliquid with a lot of vanilla aroma. Not bad but very disappointing.
    Something strange happens. After a while in my vape machine without vaping the taste is getting like chemical, with a metallic background in my mouth, but after a few hits no more of this.Don’t know if it’s from my Procore ato or because of the liquid.
    Fkin Flava does much better with their fruit tastes. Avoid creamy liquids from them.

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