Fcukin’ Flava – Fcukin’ Munkey

Fcukin’ Flava – Fcukin’ Munkey

Malaysia's best honeydew?e-liquid

Fcukin Munkey (by Fcukin Flava)?flavour is true to the taste of honeydew with a hint of bubblegum, which are blended perfectly with high quality of flavouring, which will satisfy you and make you feel like being on the ninth cloud.  

Light hint of bubblegum

With the hint of bubblegum and cooling effect you will be able to live a healthier lifestyle and quit smoking. So, next time you want to experience something new in vaping, then go for this stunning flavour and amuse yourself with the savor of natural honeydew - only with Fcukin Munkey (by Fcukin Flava).   50ml PG50/50VG E-liquid ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings, nicotine (except zero-nic variants)
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This post's average rating is: 4.7

Malaysia’s best honeydew?e-liquid

Fcukin Munkey (by Fcukin Flava)?flavour is true to the taste of honeydew with a hint of bubblegum, which are blended perfectly with high quality of flavouring, which will satisfy you and make you feel like being on the ninth cloud.


Light hint of bubblegum

With the hint of bubblegum and cooling effect you will be able to live a healthier lifestyle and quit smoking. So, next time you want to experience something new in vaping, then go for this stunning flavour and amuse yourself with the savor of natural honeydew – only with Fcukin Munkey (by Fcukin Flava).




E-liquid ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings, nicotine (except zero-nic variants)

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0mg 50ml, 0mg 50ml in plain discrete cosmetic bottle, 3mg 50ml, 3mg 50ml in plain discrete cosmetic bottle, 6mg 50ml, 6mg 50ml in plain discrete cosmetic bottle


  1. Mizata

    Good menthol n flavor
  2. Mohammed Althobaiti

    I like it so so so so so much The flavor so strong and amazing I suggest for you guys to find away to sell for Saudi Arabia I live in Saudi Arabia but I’m in America temporarily and this flavor can not be found there and many many people like it we had it before but no longer
  3. Anthony

    Good product and company. Delivered as expected. In the past I reached out to them with a question and they answered quickly.
  4. richard odgers

    Just believe the ratings and buy it and make up your own mind
  5. Ben Swannell

    Have been using this for a while. Good ADV, swap it oit woth another flavout if you get bored
  6. Ahmad Shazwan Kamarul Bahrin

    This is my all time fave
  7. 丸山健午

    ガムをイメージしていましたが、ちょっと違う気がします。 ただ、清涼感、ブルーハワイの様な色、これからの季節に美味しく味わえそうな気がします。
  8. Wawa 86

    The taste is slightly alright. Too light for the honeydew flavor.
  9. Kim Chan

    Hands down the best juice I ever had. Everything was on point, splendid! I don’t have any fault on this. Just perfect!
  10. Coco Sakura

    Fcukin' Flava - Fcukin' Munkey - 0mg 50ml in plain discrete cosmetic bottle I asked for this, but this white bottle arrived mistaken
  11. Ryusui Oonisi

    色が青いのでその分コットンは多少駄目になりやすいが味がとても良い。 メロンぽいような、清涼感の良い風味でチェーンできる。
  12. Francisco

    You will get lots of flavour with nice clouds out of this liquid. Cold effect may be to strong for some people, if you like cold effect, do not think twice, just vape it!!!
  13. Noorshaidie Mohd Sani

    Nice Honeydew with a hint of mint... Good A.D.V Highly recommended
  14. Tom

    Its that perfect gummy candy flavor you always liked best as a kid. except better.
  15. Frédérique Augy

    Un goût de melon et de banane excellent.
  16. Nordin Kamsul

    Taste is perfectly balanced like its crafted with magic
  17. Faheem Alam

    amazing flavor
  18. Manraj Singh

    They should rename this juice to Mentos Munkey! Wow it’s so freakin’ tasty but I couldn’t vape it more than a few drags. It’s got too much menthol arrrrrr! I really like the taste but tooooo much cooling menthol.
  19. Muhsin Shah

    Finished this juice in one week. Sweet flavour is well balanced.
  20. Ignacio Quiroga Fernández

  21. al-amin abd razi

  22. Hombre

    amazing taste
  23. Jalal

    Un goût unique ! Excellent .
  24. KS

    The cooling sensation is simply awesome!
  25. Minidu Chathuranga

    Best e juice ive ever had
  26. Karl PASCAL

    J aodore ce jus
  27. Juvy Douglas

    Better than what ive expected. Made me purchase more for my siblings for different country. Thank you for the good service and quality.
  28. Sofiane HABBAR

    Top !
  29. Inutarou Nekota

    good delicious
  30. Tony Lim

    Excellent flavour! A very smooth vape, highly recommended!
  31. Nora E.

    Fast delivery
  32. Takahito O.

    The best
  33. Julien H.

    Un des meilleurs Fuckin'Flava ! Un bon gout, pas trop glacé en gorge, parfait pour un all-day pour cet été !
  34. Ludovic Nourdin

    Is the best ,is Perfect
  35. Kota T.

    Tasts good. This liquid separates sourness/sweetness,You must shake well
  36. Stas K.

    Good liquids and fast shipping
  37. Diego M.

    One off the best eliquid ever
  38. Rusdy Salleh

    Too lovely
  39. Vishal S.

  40. Yoshinobu N.

  41. Vincent S.

    Vraiment bon! Ce petit gout frais et bien fruité ! Miam. J'avais peur que la banane sois trop présente mais pas du tout. À vaper les yeux fermés Merci Vapevandal
  42. Jean-christophe M.

    Good flavour, one of my favorite
  43. Jean-Christophe M.

    Good flavour, one of my favorite
  44. Chienwei C.

    Three weeks been past I haven't get my purchases yet,is it normal?
  45. Chris A.

    All day vape
  46. Jeremy P.

  47. Aline G.

  48. Dai Y.

  49. k.cemile

    Rien à dire le meilleur de la gamme.
  50. Pedro r.

    No me gustó demasiado
  51. Frederic B.

    Very Good !
  52. Llavandera

    50VG 50PG Buen sabor a melon dulce. con buena producción de vapor y un llamativo color azul eléctrico. Biene como en la foto con una caja de cartón. El bote es un poco más alto y estrecho que los típicos de 60 ml. No tiene tapón de seguridad para niños.
  53. Samantha P.

    Fast shipping & good products
  54. Niels R.

    I'll definetly order this liquid again. Great taste and not too minty.
  55. Saleh E.

    Super quick delivery, and great e-juices package came in 2 days and was packed nicely.
  56. Bogdan N.

    Very good flavor, not very minty. Perfect to vape in summer.
  57. Bernardo P.

    no ha llegado el pedido
  58. Abdeljalil Z.

  59. Abdulkarim A.

    Nice n easy
  60. Jakareya H.

    Very nice
  61. Nicholas G.

    Flavour is quite strong though didn't get a strong bubblegum hit off it. Pretty good juice though
  62. Helene N.

    I m sorry but I didn’t receive, yet.
  63. Daniel T.

    Straight through quality juice - Very happy with my purchase.
  64. Guillaume D.

    Top 👍
  65. Hanif j.

    It's the sweetest and coolest among all the flavors i have. Bubble gum and honeydew all rolled into one. There is no other flavor which is better than this one.
  66. Karim D.

    I love the taste.
  67. nemo

    ne of my favourite from fcukin flava!
  68. Adrien N.

    ne of my favourite from fcukin flava!
  69. Debra M.

    Very nice taste .... Honeydew... all day vape .. leaves nice taste in your mouth very refreshing
  70. Fabrizio G.

    Thank you
  71. Juan

    I have paid a lot of school fees when it comes to vape flavours… This one blew me away – definitely a winner. This flavour didn’t destroy my cotton or coils (RDA + twisted claptons 0.19 Ohms @ +-80Watts) and the 6mg Nicotine wasn’t that overwhelming as one would expect. This is a fantastic flavour! Oh and did I mention the liquid is blue? Well done guys!
  72. Shamit P.

    What an amazing flavour this is. Must try.
  73. Rifkhan M.

    Fcukin' Flava - Fcukin' Munkey awesome nice taste .....I recommended...this item
  74. Gabriel A.

    Such a fruity flavour I can see why it's rated so well
  75. Jérôme S.

    Toujours au top
  76. Lefebvre C.

    Ce ff funky monkey fait parti des meilleurs fruité/frais du game 😉 je recommande +++++
  77. Ansad v.

    Good service and quality products
  78. Aaron L.

    Fantastic Flavour
  79. Christian a.

    This is my favorite juice of them all.
  80. Sébastien

    Il s'agit pour moi du liquide qui fait partie de chacun de mes commandes. Frais et équilibré. Service toujours au top
  81. Aziz N.

    Site très pro et très réactif. Emballage au top et produits de très bonne facture
  82. Resta A.

    everything fine
  83. Muhammad K.

    Really nice
  84. Shiv

    It is very good flavor..i had tried it earlier at a friends place and loved it the moment i had it. Really sweet and good vapors and good flavor..recommend this for everyone.
  85. Muhammad K.

    Love it! Just the best
  86. Brannavan J.

    Slight minty, an ideal juice for all day
  87. Laurent F.

    Very fast delivery, excellent taste for all days
  88. Pierrot U.

    shipping ok
  89. Benjamin L.

    Cool !
  90. Hanin K.

    Incredible taste, good vape, but the liquid seems not to be 6mg of nicotine. At vape it seems very poor, as a 2 or 3 mg liquid. Maybe I will buy some boosters to get it as it should be. Nothing to say about delivery and customer service, great work.
  91. Mirza R.

    Lovely flavor for me its kind of candy bubblegummy type but I am getting no hints of honeydew at all which was disappointing but still a very good flavor. It's pretty strongish , the taste stays in the tank/coil for another 2-3 refills of other liquid :).. get a subtle taste of Fcukin' Munkey but its good.
  92. Shah B.

    Absolutely stunning will be ordering alot mor÷
  93. Anacha P.

  94. Steph B.

    Such a good flavour, has a melon taste with a menthol hit. One of my new favorites!
  95. Jasmin J.

    good service
  96. Khairul a.

    This one taste good. A bit harsh on thoat. Flavour sometime taste dull or maybe my mod setting not right
  97. Clément L.

    Nice flavor, great shipping, best site !
  98. Stellios W.

    This is fan-fcuking-tastic. My second favourite Fcukin Flava ADV
  99. Nicolas G.

  100. Roberts B.

    Freshy, good for hot summer.
  101. Tribanor

    Delicious honeydew flavor! Well balanced taste and cloud! I love it!
  102. Minhaj P.

    Absolutely amazing service provided, the flavour is the only thing i smoke. Smashing.
  103. El Y.

    Pour moi c'est le meilleur liquide de la série, je recommande.
  104. Allen D.

    This flavour is amazing. Mix of fruits. The nicotine content is high 6mg. Would love it if it would be available in 0mg or 3mg.
  105. Jade S.

  106. Isidore F.

    Connu partout dans le monde, un des meilleurs malaisiens pour moi. Known all over the world, one of the best Malaysians for me.
  107. Dimar A.

    Super fast and Reliable shop. The order arrived in Canberra, AU precisely as informed and the taste of liquid is really good. thumbs up!
  108. Takahiro T.

  109. Alex M.

    great unique flavour, slightly fruity mix, fcukin flava has the best juices.
  110. Maxime N.

    Very good
  111. Jerem

    Super bien !!!! Very good !!!!
  112. Rebanta S.

    This flavour has a very nice mixture of coconut and pineapple. Something that tastes like a mocktail. would recommend it to all
  113. Hatice I.

    Un très bon arôme de melon avec un petit plus qui me rappelle les bonbons de mon enfance, bref super bon. Envoi nickel comme d'habitude.
  114. Jérome A.

    Amazing taste, one of the best i've ever smoked. Can vape it all day
  115. Nizamuddin B.

    Can't have too much of this as it starts to taste weird after a while. It's great at the start though, but got tired of it after a few days
  116. Alexandre A.

    The best flavour of my life
  117. Thomas L.

    Mon meilleur all day sans conteste..
  118. Rickard T.

    Lots of mint as always with Fcukin flava. Taste is not good at all to be honest. Chemical and harsh.
  119. Pascal B.

    Juice trop sucré, trop chimique à mon goût et pour conclure vraiment on ne rescend pas du tous les arômes annoncés tel que le melon ... très déçu par rapport aux retours des gens fait sur ce liquide
  120. Christophe H.

    pas vraiment ma vape mais reste très bon
  121. Deonna A.

    Great flavor! Awesome minty after taste
  122. Anand S.

    Very nice juice !! The taste is just perfectly blended !! Will surely order more
  123. Nicola L.

    Super.. very good ++++
  124. Vera Z.

    very nice taste. reccomend it to all
  125. Alan T.

    liquides fcukin’munkey et philippines mango reçus au bout de 8jours, tous deux excellent !
  126. Olivier T.

    Good products
  127. Stéphan C.

    Absoltutely gorgeous Fresh fresh for the summer !
  128. Jakob L.

    I only from this site, loads to choose from and the cheapest site in the world
  129. Stéphan

    Absoltutely gorgeous Fresh fresh for the summer !
  130. Vasiliy I.

    Excellent e-juices
  131. Christopher P.

    Produit conforme et livraison en 1 mois
  132. Vasiliy I.

    Excellent liquid for daily use. It's the best yet for me.
  133. Planchon J.

  134. Mickaël D.

    Plutôt bon, mais il y a mieux a mon gout dans la gamme!
  135. Barry B.

    Best testing vapes Ive tested in a long, long time, certinaly all day vape for sure.
  136. Sidali I.

  137. Lukasz B.

    too sweet fucks the coils fast
  138. Giovanni P.

    Nice eliquid, lowly mint. Buon liquido, leggermente mentolato.
  139. Aurelie V.

    Je recommande, goût frais... Vous ne voudrez plus rien d autre
  140. Liam D.

    I ordered fcukin flava liquids as I couldn't find them in u.k, I was skeptical about ordering them from here. They arrived in 3 days and cost me less than half per bottle, the flavours were spot on and will definitely be using this as my 1st choice liquid source.
  141. Julliard S.

    Pour moi le meilleur liquide malaisien
  142. Tanuj S.

    loved the flav mix it with any flav and it becomes awesome too
  143. Arief D.

    It was ok.
  144. Imran S.

    Man.. I've vaped dozens of Malaysian juices but always come back to this one. Great taste and easy on the coils. Perfect all day vape.
  145. Sandy C.

    Le meilleur de la série flava
  146. Stéphane R.

    Super bon jus ! Site sérieux ! Commande passé le 29/05/2017, reçu le 09/06/2017 ! Nickel , Emballage soigné ! A recommander !
  147. Cyrille G.

    Fcukin’flava is the best for me (breezy mango !). I’ll never change
  148. Leo L.

    Love it
  149. Dmitry Z.

    Un très bon goût, le seul points négative c'est que les liquides Malaisiens abîment beaucoup trop vite les résistances
  150. Mecca A.

    I order for france really good price and good product all for cheap i will order again !
  151. Andry R.

  152. Yunhe W.

    good flavour of berries, with slight menthol, and sweet touch. good vapour taste and production
  153. I R.

    Not an adv but has good fcukin taste. Throat hit is fcukin good too. Fcukin munkey is fcukin alrite. FUZ.
  154. Foysal H.

    Lovely juice one of the better ones out of the fcukin flava brands
  155. Hafizuddin h.

    vape is delicious. hit the spot
  156. Sarah B.

    cool juice
  157. Ayoub m.

    C un tres bon liquide pour vaper tout les jours, frais avec un leger gout sucree et fruitees, je le conseille vivement
  158. Romain G.

    très bon produit le 55ml au pris du 10ml
  159. Deneubourg N.

    Great flavor ! Fresh and sweet ! The honeydew and bubblegum are a perfect mix! Very addictive juice...
  160. Yoann I.

    I love this Fcukin' Munkey, Good price and delicious .
  161. Dec J.

    the top of the top!
  162. mr t.

    One of my favourite adv .great for the summer
  163. Arnaud b.

    très bon jus, frais, sucré et fort en arômes. très addictif!!!
  164. julien

    tres bon jus
  165. Nicolas K.

    I discover de Fcukin'Munkey 4 month ago. It's one of my favorite all day since 4 month! It's sweet, fresh and very adictive juice!
  166. Yassin B.

    Très BON goût site très sérieux
  167. Sylvain B.

    Très bon goût de melon sucré et frais
  168. Habib a.

    Trop bon
  169. Charlie M.

    Quite intense at first, but really has me hooked. Very nice flavour. Would definitely recommend
  170. Perin C.

    What a thing to say about you 🙂 You are beautiful I kiffe your products are great I just order again besides you are super fast wholesale 2 weeks thank you
  171. Christopher J.

    Liquide vraiment bon est frais !! Livraison en 15 jours !! Top
  172. Vincent D.

    good taste special taste. some persons like this taste, other not,
  173. Rivo R.

    mon all day
  174. Kevin V.

    J'adore vraiment se Juice
  175. Rashinsane

    Delicious and actually not really throat hit for a 50VG/50PG. Highly recommended.
  176. djams

    Rien a dire au top . Commande reçu en 10 jours Flacon bien protégé Et jus au top Je recommande ne pas esitee
  177. Mouloud S.

    Good taste and good vape. Sweet flavour.
  178. alexandre m.

    good and very fresh
  179. Rashinsane

    This is definitely the best fresh honeydew vape juice ever. 5/5 freshness 5/5 flavour 5/5 cloud Just for information: Shipping time to Ireland: 2 business weeks (19 days total). Highly recommended !
  180. Rasmus O.

    Happy that I found you
  181. Marielle S.

    Super jus, bien meilleur que les liquides français. LIvraison rapide arrivé dans ma boite aux lettres en moins de 8 jours. Je repasse une commande avec d'autres saveurs. Bravo et merci
  182. Brahim H.

    Très Bon livraison rapide je recommande ce site
  183. Jeremy R.

  184. Rachid Q.

  185. Raphael P.

    Good flavour of melon and fresh 🙂
  186. Pavan A.

    Melon and Bubblegum is in equal ratio and final touch of chiller taste good.
  187. Rivo R.

    Super liquide devenu un all day ! Merci vape vandal
  188. Hermann M.

    A really good honeydew bubblegum banana fresh !
  189. Mustafa A.

    Will definitely order again!
  190. Anaath A.

    Ultimate vaping experience
  191. Salamy s.

    Top notch flavour!! Recommended to alls..
  192. Pascal L.

    Realy a good honeydew juice, taste is different to normal honeydew juice, there is something in so it taste realy special. Cant say waht it is, but you will love it.
  193. Bonnwath C.

    I am using with RDA and it brings out the juice is awesome. Great package and fast delivery too. Totally recommended!!
  194. Sylvie B.

    Site professionnel et de qualité. Le e-liquide fcuking Flavia sont excellents.
  195. Alberto E.

    Very very nice flavor, i recommend it!.
  196. Stéphanie D.

    Very good taste, the mixture of the melon, the bubble gum and the final touch of the mint
  197. Abdulaziz A.

    Good flavor
  198. Firas S.

  199. Firas S.

    I love this taste
  200. Mohd Z.

    Decent price, fast delivery and fast response. That's all there is to it.
  201. Sylvain B.

    best flavors for me !
  202. Christelle G.

    Love my e-liquids
  203. Loris G.

    Le cloud niners mango un délice livraison rapide
  204. Reda Snc

    A good all day liquid !
  205. Cedric R.

    One of my favorite from this brand. A punchy juice
  206. Ouhib B.

    The top the perfume is super well dosed
  207. Mohamed S.

    Great flavour and service definitely order again
  208. Thomas D.

    Good taste like all the fcukin product. The best malaysian liquid very recommanded
  209. Maybe

    I appreciate the honeydew flavor, with a little hint of mint. Be carefull when vaped the liquid is very "fresh" and "cool", don't vape with a too higly Ww, it can be surprising !
  210. Devic B.

  211. Luqmaan Z.

    It's very nice
  212. Marco T.

  213. Olivier Z.

    A delight! Very fruity and well sweetened as I like with a touch of cool! Try it you will not be disappointed!
  214. Mahmood T.

    It has a good taste and vap production. A hint of. Mint when exhaling.
  215. Gudin W.

    Ce jus est tout simplement délicieux, il est mon numéro un, je l adore !!!!
  216. Muhammad a.

    One of the best ejuice out there. Really satisfied/

This Product's average rating is: 4.7

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