Fcukin’ Flava – Fcukin’ Munkey (AROMA)


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AROMA is a new line from Fcukin’ Flava which you have to add your own PG VG to get the best cloud.

We recommend 25% of the concentrate to get awesome taste: a 30ml aroma concentrate creates 120ml of e-liquid.

Malaysia’s best honeydew e-liquid

Fcukin’ Munkey (by Fcukin’ Flava) flavour is true to the taste of honeydew with a hint of bubblegum, which are blended perfectly with high quality of flavouring, which will satisfy you and make you feel like being on the ninth cloud. 

Light hint of bubblegum

With the hint of bubblegum and cooling effect you will be able to live a healthier lifestyle and quit smoking. So, next time you want to experience something new in vaping, then go for this stunning flavour and amuse yourself with the savor of natural honeydew – only with Fcukin’ Munkey (by Fcukin Flava).


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Weight 0.07 kg

0mg, 0mg in plain discrete cosmetic bottle


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