Fantasi Ice – Grape

Fantasi Ice – Grape


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  1. jayesh kulkarni

    great product
  2. Sow s.

    is good
  3. Rivetti A.

    Good pierini
  4. Rivetti A.

    Ottimi prodotti
  5. Shota F.

    Best Mango flavor
  6. David H.

    Tried a few grape juices and been disappointed - not by this; very tasty with just enough menthol to keep it fresh!
  7. Norbert B.

    Fantasi is a usually fruity very smoky vape. Really enjoy it. Shipment came as expected. Everything's perfect
  8. Larry H.

    Flavour good but liquid is too thin get alot of dry hits
  9. Yodvarit P.

    taste so nice i like it
  10. Sean K.

    Very nice
  11. Daniel L.

    Great taste, good clouds. Im buying again!
  12. Wim W.

    Nice but the Fantasi Ice - Orange is better
  13. Yuth P.

    good flavor smile like grape fruit 100%
  14. Craig M.

    Very good
  15. Rahat H.

  16. Chutikarn H.

  17. David K.

    I like it
  18. David G.

    Will definitely be ordering more great service as always
  19. Meshal A.

    WHERE IS MY FUCKING EJUICE?????????? its been 3 weeks and this is ridiculous.
  20. Matthew T.

    Not as good as the orange
  21. Aaron S.

    tastes really good but i think it ruins coils quick as i started getting a slight burnt taste after a day of vaping it with a brand new coil
  22. Lukasz S.

    All perfect. The only downside is really lomg delivery time to UK
  23. Aadam P.

    Love all the flavours
  24. Andrew R.

    Love these juices flavours are amazing. Service also fast and good
  25. Tommy C.

    Good taste of grapes. I recommand it
  26. Mathias F.

    It is great an is yummi
  27. Daniel B.

    Super Geschmack einfach top so macht dampfen Spaß
  28. Zdenek S.

    Super shop😉
  29. Nikolaos K.

    Hello Ich würde gerne ein Feedback hinterlassen..geht aber nicht. Denn alle meine Artikel die ich gekauft habe sind bei mir noch nicht angekommen... können Sie mir vielleicht sagen wann ich mit der Ankunft rechnen kann? Grüße aus Deutschland N.Kastrinos
  30. Günther Z.

    A Fantastic Liquid perfect for Hot Summer Days verry Tasty
  31. Sebastian W.

    No Problems, perfect at all
  32. Vladislav C.

    On the inhale you are full of cold, as you exhale you feel juicy grapes leaves a sweet aftertaste in your mouth. I think everyone has to try this liquid
  33. Sven

    Saulecker und frisch

This Product's average rating is: 4.6

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