Cloudy Heaven – Space Mango

Cloudy Heaven – Space Mango

One of Malaysia's favourite mango flavours and also loved worldwide. 50ml VG60/40PG E-liquid ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings, nicotine (except zero-nic variants)
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This post's average rating is: 4.7

One of Malaysia’s favourite mango flavours and also loved worldwide.



E-liquid ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings, nicotine (except zero-nic variants)

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Weight 0.11 kg

6mg 50ml, 6mg 50ml + plain discrete cosmetic bottle


  1. Bilali King

  2. El Hombre Boums

    Excellent taste...
  3. David DeGjair

    Il est excellent ce jus. Vape sur leto 24mm
  4. Tim Paust

    Really nice full flavour
  5. Jet Y.

    Very good refreshing mango taste
  6. Marco P.

  7. Adithep C.

    good juice
  8. Quetzal T.

    Very good taste in mouth : the mango flavor is nice and sustain by a a cooling agent, maybe a litlle too much
  9. Gaetan B.

    My favourite mango! Fresh and Sweet
  10. Kelvin W. mango out there
  11. Tarik K.

    Good service
  12. Hanin K.

    Super bon. Site sérieux.
  13. Shota F.

    You have to steep
  14. Ludovic L.

    Délicieuse mangues fraîche subtil et pas trop sucrée !
  15. Karim B.

    Very good product, it is my favorite one. I really recommend it if you like fruity taste with a smooth fresh touch
  16. Olivier T.

    Good product
  17. Shazni A.

    This is the best mango flavoured juice in the world!
  18. Ibrahim K.

    Feels dry on the throat
  19. Ryan D.

    This is from another planet. Tastes amazing
  20. Jean F.

    Fast, nice prices , amazing juices.
  21. Gourlaouen A.

    This is a banging juice ! Pretty agressive at first, he's in my opinion better in a tank ! You can't miss on this one 😉
  22. Rodolphe Y.

    Je suis fan du Mango Blackcurrant de Aj Vape. Maintenant je mets le Space Mango sur le même pied d'estale, c'est une mangue plus mûre et plus ronde très forte en arôme avec une fraîcheur qui sublime le tout bref je kiffe
  23. Dheeruth L.

    Havent got the products yet since I ordered from canada but the website and the system is good
  24. Muffi H.

    Good amount of mango with a medium throat hit. A flavour and brand which is good but it is not a favourite specially it's more costly than other brands. Similar flavour to the horny mango.
  25. Jabir H.

    This was a little hyped for me, Flavour of mango and minit didnt blend too well and the coldness spoilt the flavour. Still decent but there are better mangos out.
  26. Gregory C.

    une excellente mangue
  27. Jonathan C.

    Liquide excellent et site au top
  28. Steve A.

    Très bon site, commande bien arrivé et des liquides délicieux.
  29. Steve Avignon

    Très bon liquide
  30. Vincent L.

    Very tasty and ultra fresh
  31. 浜口 海.

    nice mangoo
  32. Arnaud b.

    J’adore cet e-liquide un de mes favoris
  33. Mos P.

    Good and fast deliver
  34. Thi t.

    really nice mango
  35. Yodvarit P.

    the best
  36. Anthony R.

  37. Chris13

    The Best mango Juice with the Paso fino !!!
  38. Bader A.

    very nice sour flavor
  39. Craig M.

  40. Kumi S.

    One of my favourite vape juice!
  41. Jérôme M.

    very good mango, unique!
  42. Habib a.

    Au top
  43. Mohammed R.

    Very smooth and milky mango taste.
  44. Florian M.

    Pretty good juice. It's a super fresh mango. I wouldnt daily vape this, but for an occasional drip or a casual 2mg tank or something it's really great.
  45. Thibaut M.

    Very nice liquid! Really like it. Sweet and fresh, good mango taste and a a touch of milk. Will order more soon! For me two little cons: I would prefer a higher VG level, like 70VG 30PG, and a lower nicotine level 3mg even if malaysian liquid at 6mg feel almost like 3mg in europe. A must have!
  46. Ziyad A.

    I really loved it , worth triyng it
  47. Thomas R.

    Rien a dire, conforme a la description.
  48. Daniel B.

    A great Mango juice with high koolada, best Mango i ever vape Wonderful !
  49. Mahmut Y.

    One of the best mango's out there
  50. edouard

    un arôme fruité subtile, avec une touche d'acidité et une douce fraicheur
  51. Savinien L.

    Really good flavor
  52. Ben R.

    Great easy service however I placed an order on 23/12/2016 and still haven't received any goods
  53. Aymeric L.

    Deliciously fruity with a hint of feshness...
  54. Mike C.

    Wish it was a bigger bottle but so good flavour
  55. Eirik N.

    hands down one of the best mango flavors out there, can't get enough of it ...mostly definitely re-ordering this item, however i wish it came in a Unicorn dripper bottle and in higher volume (Eg 50 ml)
  56. Joel S.

    Taste is up there, for a pg juice its good!
  57. Julien S.

    Very fresh and fantastic taste of creamy mango, the best malaysian Juice i've tried.
  58. Bobby E.

    Nice and smooth creamy mango vape.. not too sweet with a nice taste of mango
  59. Teck T.

  60. shaker

    Tasty mango and the mint ok
  61. Reda S.

    A really good product, I recommend it !
  62. Nobel S.

    Product smells good and the vape is ok. I was expecting something better but this might be due to my atomiser (Cubis Pro - 0.5 Ohm at 25W).
  63. Tarik m.

    the best of the ejuice
  64. Lionel B.

  65. Tran N.

    Un goût de mangue bien mûre et sucrée ! Parfait ! Par contre c'est un tueur de coil !
  66. Sebastien V.

  67. Tanguy C.

    Very good site i recommend
  68. Dys J.

    vraimment super bon , foncez il es top.
  69. Julien P.

    Very good juice, very fruity. A little too much sweetened
  70. Matthieu G.

    Tastes like the real fruit, with a hint of Freshness.
  71. Stefseibutis

    One of my favorite juice. Amazing fresh. I love it
  72. Chul H.

    I've tried several flavors but this one is one of my all time fav' !
  73. Jonathan L.

    The perfect mango juice.
  74. Michel P.

    Beautiful fruity and juicy mango with a hint of milk. One of my top 3 mangos.
  75. Sebastien M.

    Very fresh, very mango a must taste
  76. Eric H.

    Very good
  77. Anthony R.

    String mango flavor with very fresh sensation. Very very good.
  78. Lenny B.

    as title says, its, for me, the best mango e juice ever ! the mango taste is rich, strong in flavors and really sweet ... really nice freshness makes the juice even better

This Product's average rating is: 4.7

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