Cloud Niners – Mango

Cloud Niners – Mango

If you are a cloud chaser, then you must be very well aware about the brand Cloud Niners. The blend of fragrance and mango flavor is something that as a vaper you would never want to miss. The inhaling sensation is very sublime and the vaping experience is just inexplicable. While exhaling you will feel like all the heat from your body is getting out slowly and you will beat the heat of the summers in an amazing manner. VG/PG: 70/30 60ml E-liquid ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings, nicotine (except zero-nic variants)
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This post's average rating is: 4.8

If you are a cloud chaser, then you must be very well aware about the brand Cloud Niners. The blend of fragrance and mango flavor is something that as a vaper you would never want to miss. The inhaling sensation is very sublime and the vaping experience is just inexplicable. While exhaling you will feel like all the heat from your body is getting out slowly and you will beat the heat of the summers in an amazing manner.

VG/PG: 70/30


E-liquid ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings, nicotine (except zero-nic variants)

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0mg, 0mg in plain discrete cosmetic bottle, 3mg 60ml, 3mg 60ml in plain discrete cosmetic bottle


  1. Main Imran

    200% satisfied ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌
  2. Abdullah G

    I’ve grown to be a big fan of this flavor. Currently, I’m vaping it exclusively. I recommend it for any vaper.
  3. Tariq Ibrahim

    It is just great taste real mango cloud great everything is fine, but it is little sweet may affect on your coils
  4. せんべい

    very sweet...
  5. Julio Garcia Gil

    The best flavors and cloud niners best also Fresh and sweet taste
  6. Siam Vaper

    Good taste, lots of clouds.
  7. Jeefrey LAO

    Good job, good test
  8. Ng Zhi Xiang

    You get a sweet mango taste, but however, mint is pretty low and a little unnoticeable . it kills your cotton fast as it doesn't really wick very well.
  9. Sofiane HABBAR

    Very fois taste
  10. Ahmad

    The best Mango flavor i ever tried . I have tried so many other Mango flavor brands but nothing like cloud niners mango . Without it, i would stop vaping 🙂
  11. Mohamed Ashmawy

    This is the best mango flavor I have ever tasted by far...been vaping this thing for 2 years now Highly recommended
  12. Dinesh Samarasingha

    Menthol is very high at first time. And a mouthful taste of mango. You can tase the mango flavor in your lips even after you vape. But eventually over time I couldn’t taste mango. I think i got used to the taste.
  13. Deepz Genovese

    Nothing can go wrong when it comes to mango.
  14. Ikky

    Mango flavour as always awesome. Will be ordering again soon. Keep up the good work at vape vandal.
  15. Tomita Hideomi

    Cloud Niners - Mango Is the best!!
  16. Bilali D'nice

  17. Bilali D'nice

  18. Michiaki Tooyama

  19. Spliff Spudd

    Very nice vaping smooth taste I recommended
  20. Luidway Lefaite

    very very good
  21. Charles H.

    Awesome favor! Wish I would've ordered a bigger bottle!
  22. Ahmad Al-Sharrah

    One of The best flavours ever made .
  23. Sidali I.

  24. Mathieu J.

  25. Luai D.

    taste could be better and clouds are excellent but so far its my number one choice
  26. Stephen Test Dundas Test

  27. Niroshan C.

    Tasty e liquid.
  28. Gennadiy B.

    Greate aftertaste
  29. 동찬 이.

  30. Borian P.

    Not my favourite liquid, a very good one nevertheless.
  31. Pedro r.

    Excelente relación calidad-precio!!!!!
  32. Akhmad

    This is my favorite taste! it's mango! Among all the Malaysian liquids - this is my unconditional favorite! Just a divine and delicate taste creates an unforgettable experience!
  33. Wajih G.

  34. Abdeljalil Z.

    Ce n'est qu'a la moitié du flacon que le gout s'est prononcé...
  35. Abdeljalil Z.

    On sent bien le gout mais pas au debut
  36. Audrius M.

    Good taste as always but old version was richer taste,it looks like to me,could be available 6mg nic,thanks.
  37. Wissam E.

    tres bon site!
  38. Jakareya H.

    It is a very good juice and I love it
  39. Tadayuki S.

    Nice to meet you next time!
  40. Frank B.

    I bought C9ers Mango liquid a few months ago, in my opinion they changed the flavor, the old one tasted much better, for me the actual one is just average
  41. Bruno D.

  42. David P.

    Good taste
  43. Flavien D.

    Très bon produits je repasse commande
  44. Jason P.

    Fantastic Juice, I vape this one often will buy more + fast delivery
  45. Thibault J.

    Great fruity mango flavour with a hint of freshness. My go to all day vape.
  46. Anthony P.

    Super juice très sucré pour ce qui aime les fruités bien sucré foncer et livraison très rapide site vraiment au top
  47. Muriel f.

    Il’s very nice
  48. Muriel f.

    Excellent produit, le goût de la mangue est super bon, bonne vape.
  49. Fabrice P.

    Le meilleur liquide goût mangue sucré avec une pointe de frais. Très addictif à acheter les yeux fermés.
  50. Yamanaka M.

    mango flever . taste ★★★ ☆☆ smork ★★★★☆
  51. Shinya S.

    It was delicious. However, I have never tried other mango taste, so I can not say that I am the best. Next time I would like to try other mango taste.
  52. Liz M

    Flavour is awesome! I use as an all day vape!
  53. Nakayama Y.

    this is the best!! I order 10 times and more and really nice!! I strongly recommend this liquid
  54. Vitali A.

    Very good
  55. Christian P.

    Une mangue ultra sucrée et fraiche, absolument pas ecoeurante, bravo les malaisiens!
  56. Florent T.

    amazing, like always !
  57. Giovanni A.

    liquido davvero molto buono
  58. BrownBoy

    It's smooth and tasty! Not as much as Horny Mango due to the high VG content but the clouds are beast! Just wish there was a nicotine variation because 3mg is too low for me.
  59. Lee C.

    Its a keeper
  60. Tejas P.

    This is a good mango flavored liquid but could be a bit more sweeter in taste hence 4 stars, apart from that its spot on
  61. Mirza R.

    It's really good and spot on mango flavor but the coil on my setup burnt out in 1 day with the mango. I tried on other tanks and it burned them out in 1 hour. I'm not sure if i am the only one with this issue or not but the taste is amazing.
  62. Teddy G.

    Le best seller produit au top
  63. Nicolas R.

    Nice mango whith a little fresh effect
  64. Matej

    Cloud Niners - Mango......great mango taste & Great seller ++
  65. Christian W.

    Very good tasting I will order again
  66. Matej

    Perfect....great taste and fast shipping too!!
  67. Stephanie P.

    Perfect !!! J’adore
  68. Exacig N.

    Good site , thank's Vape vandal
  69. Djouba I.

    livraison 2 semaine ! tres bon liquides
  70. Syphodes

    J'aime bien la mange mais c'est pas ma préféré .
  71. didin

    all time favorite! the best juice of cloudniners. get this and you will not be dissapointed! guaranteed. will order again for sure.
  72. Chikri M.

    Amazing flavor
  73. Baderiddine S.

    Great and fast
  74. Hisham R.

    Great and fast
  75. Thomas C.

    Not so bad
  76. Niccolò P.

  77. Morello T.

    Cremey mango top
  78. David T.

    Good price, good service
  79. David T.

    Good service, fast shipping
  80. Antonio a.

    Liquidi ottimi arrivati in tempi ragionevoli
  81. Audrey F.

  82. Edan C.

    I have tried several companies, mostly from the US such as vapewild and Mt Baker due to Australia and it's retarded no nicotine in juice rules but this little gem, discovered when a Balinese dude asked to try my vape whilst on holiday there and coughed his lungs out with a face of disgust and insisted I try his.... It's the best. The. Best. It's smooth, it's easy and it's delicious. Plus the cloud is satisfying. Can't go wrong here.
  83. Julie E.

    Mango with a lovely menthol hit on the exhale!!! 10/10
  84. Giacomo B.

    Wery good.
  85. Jean-mathieu S.

    Best liquids and best prices
  86. Cyril P.

    Mangue excellente
  87. Joshua T.

    Some mistake happen,but after all I feel great I buy the item here
  88. Andrea E.

    Di liquidi al mangio ce di meglio
  89. Patrice T.

    On retrouve bien le goût de la langue comme un délicieux fruit frais que l'on vapote !!
  90. Joynal H.

    Not exactly my favourite cloud niner flavour but a good addition to have in the cloud niner family!
  91. Adrien M.

    Slighlty more than 20 days for the delivery (France). Very tasty, sweet and smooth mango juice. Really not too fresh.
  92. Antoine FR

    Merci les vandales, il s'agit d'une mangue bien juteuse, on a bien le bon gout du fruit, mais il yy a aussi la fraicheur du juice, pour l'été ca doit être vraiment good
  93. Pilliot P.

  94. Damien F.

    Honestly, a juice not so bad but Mango is a better one
  95. Javier t.

    Real mango taste with a delicious fresh hit that makes it an all-day-vape juice. Although it is a sweet juice, the subtle sour of the mango and the freshness makes it a round flavor. Air opening, used coils and wattage can change the flavor both in rta and rda, affecting to sweetness/sour and freshness. Definitely a must, will buy more.
  96. Robert B.

    Use with an rda not tank otherwise you will burn through coils
  97. jb

    Perfect and fresh
  98. Thierry m.

    Une odeur et un goût de mangue très marqué. Avec une fraîcheur présente mais assez discrète pour ceux qui ne sont pas trop fan de fraîcheur comme moi ça passe très bien.
  99. Menanteau D.

  100. Melanie D.

    Great Juice!
  101. Jimmy A.

    I have bought this Cloud Niners - Mango many times. And they were the best i ever had, my daily vape for sure. However the last batch i had gotten (10 bottles) had no taste. There was no hint of mango flavour. All i could taste was the sweetner in it. Seems they have forgotten to put any Mango aroma in it. I am very dissapointed with this purchase, now I have 10 bottles, with just vg pg and some sweetner in it. Hence giving it 1 star.
  102. Daniele B.

    Gustoso e fresco! Consigliato
  103. Yohann f.

    Perfect order
  104. Nelson R.

    Good summer taste =sugar mango and a little mint fresh.
  105. Giuseppe T.

    very good e liquid, cloud niners great brand
  106. Ahlam A.

    This will not be my last time to order from this web site
  107. Dorothee N.

    Bon juice, retour mangue bien présente
  108. Rebanta S.

    This juice is one of the best ones that i have tried and the mango flavour is so juicy. it is an all day vape. Definitely recommend it
  109. Giovanni P.

    Cloud niners have a great line of eliquids...
  110. Ettore C.

  111. Zaessinger C.

    Un goût de mangue vraiment incroyable, surement le meilleur produit qu'il m'ai été donné de vapoter jusqu'à présent. Le fait qu'il n'y ai pas de mélange d'autres saveurs contribue surement à rendre le goût de se produit si intensément. Bravo à Cloud Ninners
  112. Marco P.

    Cloud niners Mango, a drug! So goood
  113. Jason R.

    Sweet but not too sweet. Good flavor and cloud production!
  114. Cedric b.

    Mon liquid à la mangue préféré !!! Grosse tuerie !!!
  115. Marilyn S.

    No special issues. Good vape, you can feel the mango but it is too sweet and too many sugar in mouth. I prefer something cooler. As usual very fast delivery, thanks VV
  116. Christophe H.

    très bonne mangue, mure, bien sucrée, avec le petit effet frais qui vas bien.
  117. The V.

    Read the full review at:
  118. Escudero J.

    i’ve no receviez yet but i really like Cloud niners mango !! XX
  119. Romain L.

    Frais et sucrée! parfait pour pour les journées chaudes !!!
  120. Khababa A.

    I love these liquid it is really good '
  121. Sébastien C.

    I've tried a lot of mango flavor, but this one is the best.
  122. Hiroaki M.

  123. John B.

    Cloud niners was always a favourite amongst Malaysian Vapers (and now slowly but surely with foreign ones too). This juicy mango concoction brings out the flavour on the exhale, overall vape was smooth and no harsh notes. Definitely an all day vape (Tsunami RDA 24ga 10 wraps X2 at 95watts)
  124. Soblet l.

    Ce liquide est délicieux à souhait, on aurait presque le fruit en bouche, sucré, juteuse vraiment un bon liquide mangue bien comme il faut. Je recommande à ceux qui n'aurait pas encore testé
  125. Samy M.

    I tried only two mango juice so far, this one and the AJ one, and i like this one more as it is less sweet and has a good natural mango feeling to it. Recommend
  126. Aaron L.

    Fast and friendly service! Never disappoint!!!
  127. Cedric F.

  128. Rashinsane

    Last sucessful order and delivery was disappointing for this one. I use to love Cloud Niners but the batch of mango ones were absolutely terrible. I've been using all the time the same vape gear and coils for ages and never experienced that before with the last sucessful order I got from here for the mango ones, it was terrible to a point that I was really wondering if it was the real cloud niners. To make it short, the flavour muted almost immediately with every bottles despite good wicking, replacing coil etc ... There were all proper waste. Only thing I was able to taste for a bit was the minty part. So it's either the recipe has been changed to something terrible or there were not the real ones and it was a poor cloned version of it. Would not risk it anymore.
  129. Raafat S.

    Thank's vandal
  130. Guillaume B.

    Au top cette mangue la meilleure pour moi
  131. Jonathan C.

    liquide au top et site au top !
  132. Anthony F.

    Bon gout de mangue bien mûre. Je recommande !
  133. Lindfeldt, N.

    Nice flavor, great smoke
  134. Tung y.

    Mango Heaven!! If you are a mango lover you will absolutely love this! Will definitely purchase again.
  135. Ct

    Fast delivery, great taste !
  136. Vincent B.

    Très très bonne mangue ! Je recommande
  137. Wajaat A.

    Fantastic flavor, fast delivery. Thanks Vape Vandal
  138. Simothé R.

    Very good juice sweet and fresh for the best price THX vape vandale you are the best!! See you soon for the next orders
  139. Aurelie V.

    Je recommande
  140. Loïc R.

    Perfect !!!! My all day
  141. Ibrahim K.

    Great taste
  142. Michal B.

    Quality and price plus big size of bottles
  143. Thomas

    very perfect
  144. Murveen D.

    Un peu déçu. Gout de mangue un peu trop forte.
  145. Adrien B.

    Rien a redire, expedition rapide et livraison vers la France dans les temps donc toujours content de commander sur VapeVandals !
  146. Norio A.

    But it does not fit me.
  147. Nicola C.

    super flavor of fresh mango! good price and best quality
  148. Benhammou A.

    My favorite from the brand, gonna re order again 😀
  149. Darren L.

    Very good eliquid. I could not ask for more
  150. Ahmad K.

    loved the prompt delivery
  151. luca

    My favourite, top!!!
  152. Marius G.

    Good quality!
  153. Bouroubi S.

    Excellent service ! Je recommande et très pro bravo
  154. Iacopo F.

    All liquid are good, package supreme,5 stars!
  155. Wayne F.

    Excellent value really nice taste and very smooth. All in all very happy.
  156. Mattia G.

  157. Altaf P.

    Plenty of smoke, flavour is nice and not over poweing. Im a Uk buyer so took around 10 days to deliver. Which wasnt bad. Great service overall.
  158. edwin

    Eventhough it takes a while to reach Europe (10 days) but VapeVandal delivers as promised.
  159. Mamdouh A.

    good thanks 😍😍
  160. Mr J.

    Delicious flavour. Tastes just like real mango. Will definitely buy again. Thank you.
  161. Girard C.

    Very good juice I will reorder son
  162. Özgür C.

    very authentic Mango taste, remids me to Fanta Mango.
  163. Kamran M.

    Awesome taste and clouds. Love it
  164. Benoit Q.

    Vraiment la meilleur mangue que j'ai goutté ! Livré en 20 jours environ sans soucis
  165. Clement V.

    très bon juice gout de mangue tres réaliste legerement frais
  166. Julien R.

    Very tasty and natural taste. Good clouds too !
  167. Hassan A.

  168. Julien N.

    Un régale
  169. Tobias M.

    Taste like a fresh mango. Absolutly great.One of the best I ever vape.
  170. Sow s.

    this is good
  171. Sow s.

    this so good
  172. Ed B.

    This is my favorite mango flavored juice. Smooth and sweet mango flavour. Highly recommended.
  173. Xenor

    This juice was a recommandation of one of my friends. It's really a great one. One of the best juice I've ever vape.
  174. Hussnain M.

    Amazing product, smooth, high vg thick smoke
  175. Kevin E.

    This juice is my favourite! Taste like real Mango!
  176. Kimberly V.

    amazing, and fast shipping too 🙂
  177. jerome

    un bon gout de mangue
  178. Olivier

    tarif défiant toute concurrences, produit authentique, délai de livraisons cour (10 jours avec le week-end du 11 novembre)
  179. Madiot C.

    Taste like a real mango. With this the cotton doesn't last long
  180. Sebastien P.

    One of my favourite Cloud Niners, good tasting mango, I recommend it.
  181. Yohan S.

    Taste just like ripe mango candy which is really sweet and the hint of menthol makes it even better. Love it
  182. Denis L.

    Sucré avec un joli goût de mangue, et une pointe de fraîcheur très agréable
  183. Jessy K.

    au top un des meilleurs que j'ai gouté !
  184. Jemibala

    Goût ultra fruité avec une touche mentholé.. Le !!!
  185. Ludovic Agez

    very goood juice
  186. Gav L.

    This is my favourite juice and I have tried and I've tried quite a few! Must add to every order!
  187. Jacob K.

    Awesome service.
  188. Jade B.

    good adv nice flavour great service from vape vandal will be ordering more
  189. Illia L.

    Perfect Vape liquid, so classy!
  190. Jean-Charles A.

    Le Cloud Niner Mango est le best seller des E Juice !
  191. mm

    Good flavor, little bit menthol but the sweetener is just to much
  192. Mahmood J.

    best mango e juice ever .... recommend it
  193. Adele H.

    Best I have tried so far, the whole cloud niners range is super.
  194. Sebastien M.

    a very good mango
  195. Lenny B.

    really nice mango flavor but ... they are using sweet additive ( well, i think its beceause of that ) and so my coils are getting clogs really fast, so not cool
  196. Alabbasi

    Nice vlavor always buy mango vlavor
  197. Alvis Rozenbergs

    Amazing taste
  198. Roy M.

    Cloud niners really tasty juice and top service
  199. Zsolt Csépke

    Mango is the best I have ever tasted
  200. AL

    It's a great mango too cold

This Product's average rating is: 4.8

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