Bangsawan (Blue) – Strawberry Apple

Bangsawan (Blue) – Strawberry Apple

*** NOTE: May come labelled as "The Lord" instead of Bangsawan. Rest assured, they're the same product from the same brewer ***

The best fruity flavours come from Malaysia and Bangsawan Strawberry Apple is a truly atas (premium) fruity flavour. Rich strawberry, crisp apple ‚¬€œ a juice for only the top class.


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  1. Chacha Noe

    great taste!
  2. Ihsan Ilyas

    Nice taste! Recommended!
  3. seth

    there is a no juice for me exactly the description on this page, I got juice name THE LORD and on that sticker say 70 ML juice capacity. and I was compared with 55 ml bottle and this juice bottle looks 50 ML or something like that, juice taste so sucks sweet taste and getting dry hit with 2 or 3 puff. am so disapointed on this seller and never order this again
  4. Isabella S.

    Strawberry Apple is very very sweet. It's a good juice, just a bit too sweet for me, also wish that the strawberry would be a bit more pronounced.
  5. Isabelle M.

    Great taste !
  6. Daniel B.

    Perfect good taste Vapevandal a lot of premium eliquid for the best price on web !
  7. Daniel B.

    Really good taste
  8. Bogdan V.

    as always good quality, fast shipping
  9. Nicholas G.

    Not a delicious as everyone is making it out to be. Smells quite nice though.
  10. Dmitriy

    This if my favorite flavour of Bangsawan, very juicy and cool!
  11. Waranyu Y.

    It very good stuff
  12. Mathieu H.

    Trop bon
  13. Ernesto o.

    Tasty mix, with a strong "hit"!
  14. Elodie B.

  15. Arnaud T.

    Excellent très bon goût bien sucré
  16. Frederick B.

    very good juice, good good good!!!
  17. K L.

    Really nice and interesting flavour. Sweet and cool, lovely berry and luscious fruit flavour. Definitely will try again. Thanks
  18. Stanislav K.

    This juice works well with RDA very tasty fruity flavours as well as minty freshness
  19. Danny P.

    I cant get enough this is gorgeous
  20. Kittiphong I.

    Taste good smell good! Ohh i loved this juice.
  21. Moiz A.

    Very nice, would recommend.
  22. David P.

  23. Sylvain P.

    Produit excellent et livraison sans aucuns souci
  24. Sam L.

    Bon jus un peu écœurant si on le vape trop
  25. 杉山 周.

    speedy check out and dispatch
  26. Paul N.

    my favourite vape right now can't get enough
  27. Shazni A.

    Personally i'm not sure what strawberry and apple tastes like together. But this juice is great. Right amount of menthol and sweet inhale and exhale. Only downside is that it blackens my cotton quite quickly.
  28. Edmund r.

    This Juice Bangsawan is really Cool and best recommended. In fact I want to purchase it again and taste the other flavor.
  29. Thierry m.

    Parfun très agreable mais beaucoup trop frais pour apprécier le goût des saveurs de ce jus. Il restera au placard.
  30. Takada N.

  31. Nick J.

    Nice vape! Fast delivery!
  32. Niting R.

    I love it top top
  33. Pierre M.

    Really sweet and nice flavour
  34. Punit R.

    super cool
  35. Tara H.

    Amazing products and reasonable delivery time. Definantly in the top 3 juices ive ever tried
  36. Sam A.

    Quality juice but there's a VERY strong menthol hit, super quick delivery very pleased
  37. oniros

    rather good mix, can trust and test
  38. davide

    very goooooooodddddddddddddddddd
  39. Enzo C.

    Sweet and tasty e-liquid by Vape Vandal
  40. Paul L.

    Hi quick, easy and quality juice. Great prices, will use again.
  41. Antoine C.

    Délicieux liquide fruité ! Great !
  42. Antoine C.

    Absolutely love it !
  43. Pascal D.

    Super liquide mais il faut aimer le sucré, le très sucré. A couper à 15 % pour être au top 😉
  44. Yunhe W.

    strong strawberry taste, sweet with some cooling effect
  45. Olivier E.

    It gunks up your coils pretty hard
  46. Jérôme M.

    Fresh mint good for sumer
  47. Fabien M.

    Tasty and minty
  48. Andry R.

  49. Shameeth M.

    This by far one of the best flavours i have had. I highly recommend it
  50. Alvin L.

    The taste and flavor is quite nice.
  51. Apiwat W.

    It's delicious.
  52. John R.

    Awesome juice
  53. Salamy s.

    good product and very tasteful delivery also..thank you
  54. DAVID95

    Ce gout de fruit est incroyable, avec un effet ultra frais sur la fin . Top
  55. June N.

    Bangsawan flavours are one of the best !
  56. Abdulla h.

    the tast is very good very cool the mint is over powerd but this is what i like

This Product's average rating is: 4.6

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This post's average rating is: 4.6

*** NOTE: May come labelled as “The Lord” instead of Bangsawan. Rest assured, they’re the same product from the same brewer ***

The best fruity flavours come from Malaysia and Bangsawan Strawberry Apple is a truly atas (premium) fruity flavour. Rich strawberry, crisp apple ‚¬€œ a juice for only the top class.


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