AJ Vape – Mango Blackcurrant

AJ Vape – Mango Blackcurrant

Mango and blackcurrant by one of the most recognized brewers in Malaysia. 50ml PG50/50VG
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  1. Jérémie CHAOUAT

    It is a great flavor fruity and sweet with a pronounced freshness at the end of the vape. It is one of my favorite because it is really tasty and make great cloudy vapor 👍
  2. Johnson Pang

    Totally love this mango flavour. Not too sweet and smooth on inhale
  3. 酒井豊彦

    Rich and very delicious! I'm happy because there is still little handling in Japan
  4. Bilali Kingu

  5. Joe Tay

    I think one of AJ Vape's best juice around. Nice unique taste. This is my best daily juice other than Horny Mango.
  6. Jezer Macatiag

    best ejuice ive ever taste
  7. Vincent Fresneda

    Très bien très frais . Mais je ai toujours pas reçu ma dernières commande
  8. Navin Ilango

  9. Ahmad Farhann

    Perfect seewtness and taste of my liking. Menthol abit too strong for me.

    清涼剤が自分には強く感じました。 味はしっかり出てますね。 マンゴーリキッドによくある青臭さ?みたいな味は ありますね。

    Superb taste.. mango inhale blackcurrant exhale
  12. Alan Leung

    Great flavor but all th bottles had leaked inside the box

    loved the juices naked tiger is just right for me great fast delivery
  14. Leroy Hunkin-Mamae

    Best juice ever. Would be nice to have a 70/30 mixture though
  15. Cathy Flores

    Excellent flavor..definitely will order this again
  16. Asadul B.

  17. Aourane F.

    Rien a dire recu bien emballé et dans les temps merci
  18. Alex W.

    Mango Blackcurrant is the one flavour that I keep coming back to, no matter how many others I try. The hint of menthol keeps it feeling fresh everytime as well =)
  19. Alfred S.

    The best tasting juice I've tasted so far!
  20. Craig B.

    A bit disappointed as it leaked everywhere in bag as it had a dodgy cap
  21. Marine H.

    Tres bon mélange
  22. Sofiane H.

    Un très bon e liquide
  23. Jeremy S.

    Pas mal
  24. Shyam P.

    I have never tasted anything better then this combination vape juice
  25. Emilie C.

    Très bon goût sucré, rafraîchissant. Parfait
  26. Luigi C.

    Prodotti formidabili. Le miglior Marche al miglior prezzo solo da loro.
  27. Xu M.

    Le meilleur des mangues cassis que j'ai goûter, pourtant j'ai essayer plusieurs marque mais c est celui qui m'a fait le meilleur effet
  28. Andrew F.

    Lovely VAPE supplied by VAPE vandal ...5 star
  29. Ludovic D.

    Bien reçu le colis
  30. Ben H.

  31. Maxime M.

    Toujours super bon et frais!
  32. Jonathan C.

    Tres bon liquide au cassis avec de la mangue,très frais
  33. Perez E.

    Très bon liquide ! Très réussi , je recommande fortement !
  34. Rohiduz Z.

    My favourite place to buy e-liquids.
  35. Abdeljalil Z.

    Un delicieux gout de mangue et quel fraicheur !!
  36. A A.

    Nice flavor, so cool
  37. Lawryniec D.

    hello community, I knew this juice in France in 10 ml bottle it makes me taste on a dripper on fused clapton in NI80 and it was wow! I left with my bottle of Aj Vape Mango Blackurrant really too delicious. Since I ordered at Vape Vandal in 50 ml, that's only happiness! ...
  38. Ingrid G.

  39. Ryan G.

    These liquids did not turn up for around a month; as soon as I tried the liquid I got a sore throat and an infection. I gave them to my colleague as he had them before which he brought from a shop and he said they taste different and also got a sore throat from this liquid. Not happy at all.
  40. Coupé É.

    Je n'ai toujours rien reçu !!
  41. Teddy G.

    Toujours au top rien a dire un fruité bien dosé
  42. Mauro A.

    i liquidi non mi sono ancora arrivati, spero vivamente di non chiedere il rimborso
  43. Callum H.

    Nice stuff very good mango flavour
  44. Peter K.

    Sweet sweet juice that will freeze your brain.
  45. Cedric G.

    Thanks a lot very good juice
  46. Walter R.

  47. Tony D.

    Super produit livraison impeus longue
  48. Déborah M.

    Sucrée, gouteux et frais le must du must
  49. Musseau D.

    Sucrée, gouteux et frais le must du must
  50. A R.

    Very good flavour
  51. Jerome B.

    Excellent goût de mangue, super frais. Vraiment bon !
  52. Miguel F.

    Ich kann euch AJ Vape Mango Blackcu. nur empfehlen. Der geschmack ist einfach nur lecker. Die ganze Aj serien ist lecker.
  53. Erki C.

    Amazing and tasty liquid that it's perfect for everyone who's loves the sweet
  54. E K.

    Really Great taste and flavour
  55. Arzood M.

    Great flavour and service. Will buy again 100%
  56. Fabrizio M.

    Ho finalmente trovato i migliori, ottimi prodotti a prezzi fantastici e consegne veloci, grazie acquistero sempre da voi.
  57. Abdelakim B.

    Good juice not really fresh but the bottle was open... why?
  58. Ana b.

    Recomiendo este líquido, sabe a Mango y tiene un toque suave de mentol y la sensación de frescura en tu boca. Para mí es riquísimo
  59. Ismail M.

    This is fantastico
  60. Iain B.

    Big thank you to Vape vandal for the great service and prices on mango black currant ejuice. This stuff is awesome
  61. Daniele R.

    Fantastico credo sia il migliore tra i mango !!!!
  62. Marco P.

    ottimo prodotto
  63. Armando M.

    Very good taste
  64. Llibert g.

    For me is the best e-liquid, ice,mango, and refresh,sweet and acid flavour.
  65. Robinson F.

    Love the flavor it really gives taste of the mango
  66. Otmane B.

    I really advise the aj vape series : mango blackcurrant is my favorite very very tasty and fresh without menthol !!! Double apple is amazing it's like an apple chicha ! It's not my all day but i enjoy smoke it when watching football match ...if you like apple chicha it's for you !!! The triple222 is fruity and fresh really better than a red astair and more fresh with no menthol Now i'm going to receive the cloud niners series ....i'm sure it will be great !!!! Vape vandal are very serious ....the best site for juice ...unbelievable !!!!! One word is enough : ORDER !!!!!
  67. Audrius M.

    Perfect ejuice and nice flavour,could be available with stronger nic level and less sweetnes,but rest is pretty good,thanks.
  68. ALU

    is is my favorite on mongo blackkurant is very perfect for all day
  69. Mohamed F.

    Le goût est bon et fort en bouche. Par contre la nicotine me semble plus présente dans mes autres liquides.
  70. Luca G.

    Fantastic e-liquid
  71. Musseau D.

    Juste superbe je recommande
  72. Alexandre A.

    I like this flavour 😀
  73. Déborah M.

    Juste superbe je recommande
  74. Abdul Q.

    The best ejuice
  75. Stéphan C.

    Wonderful , and not super fresh 👍🏻
  76. Stéphan

    Wonderful , and not super fresh 👍🏻
  77. Nicola C.

    the mango is so good and the blackcurrant is fresh, nice clouds and taste
  78. Massimo P.

    Great and particular Mango. Very refreshing liquid! I recommend trying it!
  79. noman

    After purchasing this product it arrived very fast. it has a great taste of natural mango with a hint of blackcurrant, the flavours mixed together very well and giving a great vape
  80. Marco M.

    Liquido veramente ottimo! Annusando il liquido dalla bottiglia non gli rende il giusto valore. Prova di svapo con box meccanica bf, Apocalypse 24, 316SL 24ga punta da 3, 5 spire, res totale 0,10 cotone Muji Aroma fantastico ed ottima vaporosità, un giusto equilibrio tra il mango (è il primo sapore he si sente) ed il ribes con una nota mentolata. Veramente fantastico e consigliato.
  81. Moises F.

    The flavour is excellent, and the ice is not annoying, just a perfect combination of both.
  82. Shi O.

    I've specifically selected 0 nic, but I got 3mg nic instead. Y u do dis to me?
  83. Simone P.

    This is the best!
  84. Michael F.

    I have just received my juices and I must say they are awesome. Once again thankyou
  85. Tissot M.

    Vraiment un très bon jus ! Au top je le recommande vraiment
  86. Kennet j.

    Best place to buy quality e-liquid. Fast delivery and very good service 👌🏼
  87. Antoine C.

    AJ Vape is a Brand I love, you can't go wrong with them.
  88. Ryo M.

    My favorite one!!
  89. Moudou D.

    Le meill
  90. Gerald F.

    des très bon produits frais et sucré a commandé sans problème
  91. Dorothee N.

    Je conseil vape vandal. Excellent liquide
  92. Ilyas M.

    One of my best flavours. All day vape and sweet with a hint of breeze effect. Top plava.
  93. Irfan M.

    This has to be my everyday bape, the flavour is exactly what I wanted and the price is cheap, thanks Vape Vandal
  94. Mounir M.

    il est bon mais ecoeurant a force
  95. Rene F.

    Very impressive Taste of Sweet Mango and sour blackcurrant added with brainfrosting effect. Would buy it again
  96. Donn L.

    really tasty for those who are fans of mango, and I'm not even a fan of mango
  97. Rodolphe Y.

    J'adore ce liquide, pour moi la meilleure mangue. Prix imbattable et commande reçue en 8 jours. Top vape vandal! thx
  98. Michael C.

    Good juices love it ,
  99. Denis G.

    Gout et saveur très présent et frais!
  100. Dafydd T.

  101. Mohamed S.

    Great taste
  102. Brett H.

    Best juice, best prices
  103. Pavan A.

    But the juice is too minty
  104. Viktor V.

    A prefer the 222 better for the taste, but this is one is very nice as well - more blackcurrant, less mango.
  105. Kyan B.

    This is by far one of my favourite flavours, will definitely be purchasing more. Do not hesistate to buy, you will not be dissapointed. Very smooth high quality flavour, even on a fresh coil the first vape is perfect, no harshness or anything. Very tasty and the mango taste is accurate. Its like a thick mango drink haha. Can taste the little hint of blueberry but mango is the main flavour of this juice, its perfect.
  106. Lam k.

    Nice juice
  107. Joefrey L.

    Top juice!
  108. Sarah r.

    One of my all day liquids, sweet - but not to sweet. Perfect 🙂
  109. Mediha R.

    The best the best the best web site
  110. Noirat H.

    I always received everything well thank you vapevandal
  111. June N.

    Really good , regular go to vape juice !
  112. Peter C.

    Good taste
  113. Bernard g.

    C'est un excellent liquide nous l adorons et nous en recommanderons merci pour votre site
  114. Eirik N.

    a must buy ppl
  115. Becky P.

    This is my absolute favourite flavour, very fruity and a nice cool after taste! Can vape it all day 🙂
  116. Alex ..

    Decent flavour and vapour. I prefer this to Cloud niners -Mango as the flavour is more rich. However it only comes as a 30ml bottle.
  117. Christophe H.

    vraiment très bon ! un alldays par temps chaud, j'habite dans le sud et c'est un pur délice
  118. Grant R.

    A perfectly balanced blackcurrant and mango concoction that creates an intense yet genuine flavour of everyone's favourite exotic fruits, followed by a sharp direct hit of menthol, that cools and accentuates all the intake and exhale . Beautifully made and makes me salivate at the very thought. Only the finest contenders even come close.
  119. Mohd F.

    Nice taste but only thing is the mint is a little bit strong but the flavor is really awesome
  120. Stan C.

  121. Muhd Hamzah (Amjakiro)

    Vapor must have this ejuice.
  122. Valentin P.

    For me the best mango juice !
  123. Mohamed S.

    This Juice is very testy. It taste exactly like a rich mango and leave a good taste when exhaling out. The ice or meant flavor in it is a little bit high which will leave an icy feeling and open up all you longs and noses and everything. I Loved it so much and i would recommend it!

This Product's average rating is: 4.7

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