AJ Vape – Double Apple

AJ Vape – Double Apple

Double apple by one of the most recognized brewers in Malaysia. 50ml PG50/50VG E-liquid ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings, nicotine (except zero-nic variants)
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This post's average rating is: 4.5

Double apple by one of the most recognized brewers in Malaysia.


E-liquid ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings, nicotine (except zero-nic variants)

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  1. Ben Swannell

    Tasty and smooth, not killing my coils.
  2. hombre

    Not so bad
  3. Stijn k.

    Leuke frisse smaak
  4. Wajaat A.

    Flavour was fantastic just like the shisha flavour double apple
  5. Salam

    The taste is 5/5 but the mint is too strong! I can't vape it because of that. please make the same version but without mint.
  6. Julien G.

    On sent bien le goût de la pomme avec une petite touche d'anis.
  7. Majeda B.

    LOvely flavours
  8. Joakim F.

    best taste in the World !
  9. Andy A.

    Double Apple - One of the best shisha flavors I have tried. Well done AJ Vape!! The aniseed is a perfect mix for me.
  10. Shamit P.

    Amazing flavour
  11. Lukasz B.

  12. Walter R.

    1 flacon sur 3 d'arrivé
  13. Grant R.

    Very appley indeed, once smoked for a while it starts to taste a little liquorice like, however it has the initial and prominent hit of red apple. Lovely smoke
  14. Isabella S.

    Nice flavour, however I wish it would say in the the description that the liquid has a strong liquorice flavour. I do not like liquorice, but the apple flavour that comes through tastes exactly like apple shisha.
  15. Otmane B.

    Aj vape is really tasty !!! The mango is the best ! Vape vandal is very serious and professional ! Very good job !!! Congrats all
  16. Alberto Z.

    good taste, i love the two apple flavour (green apple is stronger than red apple taste), but too much menthol.
  17. Gianni b.

    Ottimo liquido estivo
  18. Mohamad a.

    A flavor i always order with every shipment
  19. Mohamad a.

    This flavor can be vaped all day
  20. Zul Z.

    Finally AJ Vape produces their famous range with zero nic. Something i have been waiting for a long time. Loving this true taste of the double apple shisha flavour.
  21. Vitali A.

    Verry good !!!
  22. Alexey D.

    It looks like tobacco for hookah. taste for lovers
  23. Anand S.

    It's very smooth and amazing , will order the same in future !!
  24. Mohammed y.

    very excellent service and nice producet
  25. Moudou D.

    The best
  26. Liu X.

    nice taste has before
  27. Sashi R.

    Though the previous reviews on the site were good I was not that happy with the product and the taste.
  28. Khalifa

    The smell is exactly like double apple shisha, but the taste is very strong which is not like the real double apple shisha ! Honestly I couldn't finish my tank, I didn't enjoy it unfortunately !
  29. Tsuyoshi H.

    For me, this was not suitable juice. Smells a little chemical.
  30. Zubair A.

    Tastes more like aniseed than apple......
  31. Luca D.

    love it
  32. Lucas D.

    Excellent fort en pomme
  33. Lamand A.

    all its ok
  34. Ilyas M.

    Just like smoking shisha. If u love shisha u will love this plava
  35. Mounir M.

    Très amateur de chicha
  36. Rebanta S.

    This vape is like i have a mini double apple hukka in my pocket. It is just amazing and i would recommend it to all
  37. Hisham R.

    exactly like shisha
  38. Baderiddine S.

    exactly like shisha
  39. Vasu C.

    Taste similar to apple shisha
  40. Pierre M.

    Order was delivered quick and prices cheap
  41. Andry R.

  42. Hariz Z.

    Strong and refreshing flavour, just like you are having a Double Apple Shisha 🙂
  43. Hiermy K.

    Great juice....
  44. Anas A.

    best Double Apple flavour out there. So close to the real ( Alfakher Double Apple) thing.
  45. Ziyad A.

  46. Ziyad A.

    form the Best Double apple i have tried
  47. Ziyad Med

    Best double apple juice
  48. Alan L.

    Great taste and great, fast delivery.. shame it can't be any cheaper..give us 50% and I'll make another big purchase.
  49. John R.

    Nice juice
  50. Abdoul-aziz D.

    Une livraison plus que convenable. Les produits sont de très bonne qualité. Deplus il y a un sav au top
  51. Nandakishor N.

    Great support from the team at V V.
  52. Fahad G.

    Best site for Malaysian Ejuice
  53. Hana m.

    Best juice ever
  54. Indra S.

    Affordable and quality products sold better the off the shelves product
  55. Mohamed A.

  56. Ali M.

    Very happy to deal with them ... fast response excellent service ....

This Product's average rating is: 4.5

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