77 Flavor – Citrus Lemonade

77 Flavor – Citrus Lemonade

Citrus lemonade.


E-liquid ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings, nicotine (except zero-nic variants)

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  1. Antonello Marras

    packed with bright and fresh lemon juice. A taste that’s definitely gonna bloom your day.
  2. Ignacio Quiroga Fernández

    I like it lemon
  3. Valentin B.

    Bon produit et livré en temps et heure
  4. Clovis

    It takes a few hits to appreciate this flavor, everyone that tried it, didn't like it after the first hit, but after the 3d one they where sold. It is a good flavor and the bottle is emptied. You get a fresh lemonade taste that doesn't taste like detergent.
  5. Alexander

    Great non-stop vape. Very tasty.)
  6. Patrice Q.

    Il dont like tais juice

This Product's average rating is: 4.7

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